Saturday, 26 March 2011


So, this is the first blog post...

Is it a post or an entry?

I wonder how many blogs have started off with the Author (or should I now say Blogger?) writing those same first words; or words like them?

I guess I should write something witty or mesmeric just to keep your attention.  But I don’t know of anything witty or mesmeric to say right now.

I could tell you why I decided to start a blog.  I’m in the process of exploring social media – not in any professional capacity; just because I think I should.  I’m a bit of an IT technophobe.  I was initially looking at using Word Press as a platform for the blog but couldn’t figure out how to activate it!   

That’s how IT hopeless I am.  

Anyway, I like to write, although I’m no Wordsmith.  I like to talk; that’s why I enjoy presenting and lecturing.  I have lots of questions and not many answers.  I know lots of stuff but should really know much more.  I’m embarrassed about not knowing about the things I should know.  Like, how an engine works, the rules of cricket, what the Dow Jones really is and which golf club to use.

So, this is a start.  I needed to write something to commit myself to the blog – otherwise there was a very real danger of it just sitting out there somewhere in the ether with all the other orphaned blogs that seemed like a good idea at the time.

The next entry/post will have more substance to it.  I promise that much.  

 In the mean time, good luck in all that you do.

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